Über Teen Mom 2 Staffel 10

Jade, Kailyn, Leah, Briana and Chelsea navigate parenting, family dynamics, careers and love lives. Through their highs and lows they've learned that motherhood is doing what's best for their kids, which comes at no easy cost. Over the last few seasons, the Teen Moms have been tested over and over again, by baby daddy drama and struggles with family members. But, they've put on brave faces and absorbed the pressure, trying to be strong and set the best examples for their kids. This cycle, the pent-up stress from years of dealing with deadbeat dads, unstable parents, and lying exes has reached its max and needs release. This burst of energy (and emotions) - now in the form of tense confrontations, public arguments and anxiety attacks - threatens the progress the women have made in recent years. On top of it all, the mom's must face difficult decisions when the spread of COVID- 19 threatens the health and safety of their families. Will the explosive drama leave permanent relationship scars, or will the Moms avoid burns and push forward to their next chapters free and clear?