Avec: Info

Avec was born in 2003. During the previous six years, three of the members, Brooks, Scott and Adam, played under the name Sand Which Is. Sand Which Is toured the U.S. consistently for four years playing over 300 shows, gathering a small cult of experimental rock fans, as well as releasing two 7” records and a full length CD. The CD was recorded in Brooks’s hometown, El Paso, Texas and was produced by Brooks’s childhood best friend, Jim Ward. (At the Drive-In, Sparta). Guest vocals were lent to the record by Cedric Bixler, (At the Drive-In, Mars Volta)—another of Brooks’s childhood pals.A fourth member, Shawna, was added to the Sand Which Is lineup in 2002. The new guitarist / singer came from the now defunct, all girl fronted Nashville rock band, Fair Verona. Fair Verona toured the U.S. playing South by Southwest, CMJ, Mackrock and multiple Lady Fests. Fair Verona released a CD on IV records and worked heavily in the studio having the opportunity to work with the legendary Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Kiss).Brooks, Shawna, Adam and Scott began writing new material for an EP at the end of 2002. They felt that the sound was different enough to warrant a new name. As a result, Avec was born.The name may be new, but Avec is an experienced and hard working group of musicians. They have a song on Deep Elm Records – “Emo Diaries #9” and have released an EP on ReStart Records (At the Drive-In, Sparta, DeFacto) and Big Crunch. The EP was mastered at the famous Inner Ear studios by Chad Clark (Beauty Pill, Fugazi, Dismemberment Plan) and promises to win Avec even more acclaim as a hot new new sound in rock music.