Pauline: Info

Classic, timeless soul has always been at the heart of Pauline's musical explorations. Even when she's tested the waters with hip hop, jazz, ballads, gospel and folk, Pauline always returns to that old school of soul music that remains unaffected by fads, trends or current flavours of the month.

Pauline's Zimbabwian mother and Italian father brought her to Sweden at the age of three. She wrote her first song at the age of twelve. Now, at 25, she is ready to conquer the world.

Pauline's breakthrough came in 2003 with the debut of "Running Out Of Gaz", a debut single that went into the Top 10. Her second single, "Answer," also made it to the Top 10 and together the two songs quickly pushed her full length album "Candy Rain" past Gold status and firmly put her on the map in Sweden.

More proof of Pauline's rapidly growing success on the Swedish music scene was her first Grammy nomination at the end of 2003; only a few months later she won the prestigious Nationwide "Rockbjörnen" Award in the Best New Artist category.

After the success of "Candy Rain" Pauline spent a few years collaborating with other Swedish artists. She featured with artists such as Infinite Mass, Rigo, Tingsek, Mando Diao and Christian Falk on his Grammy Awarded album.

But now her main priority is her own career. Pauline has been working out of the LaCarr studio in Stockholm for a few years and together with the production duo of Johan 'Jones' Wetterberg and Michel Zitron, Pauline has created her most personal material ever.

Pauline's new album, "Never Said I Was An Angel", showcases one of Sweden's best female voices in a collection of great original popsongs with a strong link to that old school of soul.