SOHN-00: Info

SOHN (pronounced Sonn) is an English musician, songwriter and producer originally from London, and now based in Vienna. Following the release of 2012's 'The Wheel EP' through Aesop Label he was signed by 4AD, and is expected to release his debut album, Tremors on April 7, 2014.Following tracks 'Oscillate' and 'Warnings', in August 2012 SOHN posted 'The Wheel' and 'Red Lines' on his Soundcloud page ahead of release through Aesop Label. Picking up huge critical acclaim online, the tracks were covered by multiple newspapers and blogs, including The Guardian, Dummy, and Abeano. The EP was released on 5 November 2012. Noisey premiered the official video for 'The Wheel' in January 2013.On 19 April 2013, 4AD announced the signing of SOHN. This news coincided with the first official release through 4AD, 'Bloodflows', which Pitchfork Media described as "a vocal showcase and SOHN's most sorrowful, powerful success yet." and GorillaVsBear mentioned as "simple but mesmerizing and extremely effective video".On 11 September 2013, the follow up track 'Lessons' was published online. Released on limited 12" vinyl on 25 November 2013, the accompanying video was directed by Olivier Groulx and premiered by Dazed & Confused Magazine.His debut album will be released in the week of 7th April, and is titled 'Tremors'. It was announced on Radio One by Zane Lowe, with lead single 'Artifice' chosen as his Hottest Record In The World. Owing much to his drive and self- discipline, he recorded through the night without the distractions offered by public transport "to ensure I didn't leave". Born in South London, where he now spends less of his time, and initially taught to play guitar and piano, SOHN relocated to Vienna, Austria in 2010 where, immersed in its burgeoning electronic scene, his writing and production finds its inspiration between the calm serenity of the mountainous landscape and the busy hubbub of the city.