Superhumanoids: Info

Formed in a bedroom... Superhumanoids make dreamy pop that shouts summery '60s harmonies, garage rock's raw tonality, slick new-wave electronics, and the adventurous dissonance of '90s indie rock. LA-based, the foursome are equally focused on propulsive live performances and glimmery productions for private listening. Superhumanoids take musical cues from a diverse array of sources - Neu!, The Beach Boys, The Strokes, The Chills, Kate Bush, and Cornelius to name a few. They are an exploration of pop through a spaced-out, kaleidoscopic lens.

Superhumanoids' formal debut, urgency, was released in 2010 by Hit City USA (US) and Oh! Inverted World (UK). The EP, available on 12inch vinyl and digital download, was produced and recorded by Superhumanoids and highlights the crew's penchant for organic textures, electronic flourishes, and charming male/female vocal interplay.