Puro Instinct

Puro Instinct: Info

Last year, we here at Mexican Summer came under the spell of the starry Kaplan sisters: Piper and Skylar, and their band Pearl Harbor, who graced the land with their beautific Something About the Chapparrals EP. But funny how time flies for the beyond their year siblings, as it's suddenly 2011 and Pearl Harbor now goes by the name of Puro Instinct. And Piper and Sky find themselves bolstered by four other bandmates: Cody Porter, Jessie Clavin, Mike Baum, and Crazy Murray to make their hazy, swirling pop even more realized and sumptuous. Think Fleetwood Mac, Bobb Trimble, and Lush in a champagne filled jacuzzi -but with a bit more sparkle and smog.

For Puro Instinct's tasty first single "STILYAGI," (7" now available) it features the helping hand of none other than fan and mate Ariel Pink, who took the group on tour last year supporting Haunted Graffiti. Mr. Pink's background vocals ride the ambient rainclouds, drum machines and other sonic sparkles, all of it surrounding Piper's dreamy voice as she promises: "Ooooo-ooooo Stilyagi!." With Puro Instinct's full-length debut Headbangers in Ecstasy on the horizon, we're proud to boast that this band will be the reality in 2011.