Bomshel: Info

Bomshel, a duo signed to Curb Records, consists of Idaho native Kristy Osmonson (known as Kristy O.) on fiddle and vocals and Michigan-born Kelley Shepard on guitar and vocals. Osmonson initially formed Bomshel with Kentucky native Buffy Lawson on lead vocals. Signed to Curb Records, they charted their first single, "Country Music Love Song," in 2006. Another single that charted, "The Power of One," was featured in the soundtrack of Evan Almighty, the 2007 film starring Steve Carell. Lawson exited the duo in 2007 and was replaced by Shepard. Osmonson began touring the Northwest and Canada at age 4 in a group called the Fiddler's Hatchery and was inspired to pursue a career in country music after watching a television broadcast of Garth Brooks' concert at New York's Central Park. Shepard grew up singing in small venues in Phoenix and received a career break when she sent a tape to The Ellen Degeneres Show, where she was noticed by singer-songwriter Brian McKnight, who began developing her early songwriting career. Bomshel released another single, "Fight Like a Girl," in early 2009.