Timomatic: Info

The definition of destiny or fate is described as a predetermined course of events, and it is by way of a series of opportunities, events and experiences, audiences have now found themselves under the spell of one of Sony Music Australia's latest signings - Timomatic aka Tim Omaji. Setting the public's imagination alight with his jaw-dropping performances on TV series So You Think You Can Dance? and Australia's Got Talent , there is no doubt that Timomatic is an extraordinary artist, who's set for even further success with the release of his self penned official debut single release SET IT OFF.

Born in Nigeria, Timomatic immigrated to Australia with his family when he was only 10 months old. His father was an academic and was posted to different positions around the country, so after a stint in Canberra the Omaji's found themselves living all around Australia. Even at an early age Timomatic's love of music and performing was increasingly apparent to all those around him.

At fifteen, Timomatic,was already making a name for himself in the dance world, securing a part-time position as Artistic Director and Choreographer of a dance company in Canberra. By the time he turned eighteen, Timomatic had firmly decided that performing was his one true destiny.

Destiny calls, and now Timomatic is ready to release his first official single -- the infectious and dynamic, SET IT OFF, co-written with, and produced by hot production team DNA.