Holly Dolly

Holly Dolly: Info

Holly Dolly is a pretty little donkey-girl, who grew up in the country, and whose dream was to become a big star. So when she finally had the age to go out into the world on her own, she went to the city looking to make her fortune. But because of her humble origins, she couldn't find anybody who trusted in her talent. Then one day, while she was sitting very sad on a park bench under the Ipnotika Buildings in Bergamo, she met 4 guardian angels: They told Dolly, that they could make her dream come true with 4 wishes. The first angel made her the best donkey-singer of the planet! The second one taught her how to make her hoofs dance like a butterfly ! The third sewed for Dolly a beautiful dress for all the shows and the fourth angel finally gave her the hit of the summer: The Dolly Song! From that moment on, her carrier started in the world of music, and she's now becoming the most famous donkey-girl singer!